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"After graduating from NYU, I worked as a Harvard data intern and came back to LA to assist my parents' contracting business. I built a robust AI-powered notification service and helped them rake in millions in new revenue. Stop wasting time and money on BS SaaS platforms."

Robert Coventry III

Founder, Federal IT Contract Fetch

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Every year,our clients save more than $42,000 in lost wages and earn millions more in revenue from new contracts.


The Federal IT Contract Fetch 9/9/9 Guarantee

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Explore our transparent pricing options tailored to your requirements. Find the perfect fit for your business that ensures great value and a high return on investment. Each plan is designed to meet your specific needs, providing clarity and cost-effectiveness in federal contract procurement in the IT sector.



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AI-Generated Daily Contract Fetch Emails using OpenAI's GPT-4, Ranking Your Chances with the 9/9/9 Guarantee of $900,000 of potential contract gains

Our US-based team creates a nearly-complete AI-generated bid draft to an RFP of your choice, every month

GPT-4 enabled emails for weekly wrap-up and review of personalized contract email notifications

Dynamic Spreadsheet for Contract Management, Ranking, and Incumbent Tracking with Automated Email Reminders.

Optional daily SMS notifications for real-time bidding notice updates

Ultra-comprehensive business development plan and evaluation every six months with review of your existing contracts

Exclusive information on how to sign up for the Multiple Award Schedule to get more business

Twice a month Kindle eBook related to identifying, winning, and growing your federal contractor business

Yearly posters necessary for compliance with employee mandates

Trends newsletter with government shutdown alerts

Subcontractor agreement templates, legal agreement templates, and employee relations templates

>$100,000 of value in referrals among our more than 500 company network

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Our team will assist you with unlimited AI-generated bid drafts and specify year-long bid plans custom-tailored to rocket your business to new heights.

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